FAA Proposes Ban on Flight Personnel Using Wireless Electronic Devices

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced a proposal to make it illegal for pilots and flight attendants to use wireless electronics during flight operations including mobile and hand-held devices and laptops. The proposal is meant to conform to guidelines established last year in the Modernization and Reform Act. The proposed rule change does not apply to electronic devices directly related to flight operations, communications devices used for safety, or devices used during an emergency.

"This rule is intended to ensure that certain non-essential activities do not contribute to the challenge of task management on the flight deck and do not contribute to a loss of situational awareness due to attention to non-essential activities," the FAA wrote. "While this proposed rule affects small entities, it merely revises existing FAA rules and does not impose any cost on any regulated entity."

The agency is soliciting public comment on the rule changes until March 18. You can read the proposal in full in this Federal Regulation Brief (.Doc file) dated Jan. 15, 2013.

This proposal has no effect on the FAA's other proposal to remove restrictions on passengers using electronic devices during flight take-offs and landings

Source: Courthouse News


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