Kerberos Productions Offers Expertise to President on the Weaponization of Outer Space

We meant to mention this earlier in the week, because it is mildly amusing. While other organizations are offering their expertise on video game violence to the President and Vice-President of the United States, Sword of the Stars 1 & 2, Fort Zombie, and NorthStar developer Kerberos Productions offers some expertise in another area: the future weaponization of space.

In an amusing open letter to the Obama Administration posted by Kerberos Productions CEO Martin Cirulis on Facebook, the company offers its two decades of experience developing space combat simulations to provide the Administration with all the information it needs, provided that those involved have a minimum working knowledge of Galaga…

You can read the letter below:

‎[An open letter to the Obama Administration]

January 11th, 2013

Mr. President,

In light of the recent announcement by Vice President Biden that he is seeking to meet with elements of the video game industry in regards to the gun control issue, we at Kerberos Productions are excited by the possibilities of this initiative and would like to offer our Video Game experience to your administration on other matters.

We here at Kerberos Productions have two decades of experience in Space Combat simulations and we think we would be ideal to sit in on any of your administration’s panels regarding the shaping of future policy for space militarization and weapons. We are putting our expertise at your disposal and can put a briefing paper together for your people whenever you require. We will assume they all, at a minimum, have a working knowledge of Galaga.

Thank you for your time,

Martin Cirulis
Kerberos Productions


Recently the Administration responded to a petition that asked for the creation of a Deathstar by saying that "it does not support the destruction of other planets." We say that you don't know what you actually like until you give it a try…

Kerberos Productions is currently working on two space-themed games: Sword of the Stars 2 and Northstar.

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