Valve Exploring the Possibility of Securing an R18+ Rating for Left For Dead 2 in Australia

January 17, 2013 -

In a post on the Steam forums (as reported by GameSpot), Valve Software's Chet Faliszek confirmed that the company is exploring legal options in resubmitting Left 4 Dead 2 for an R18+ ratings classification in Australia. The original game was refused classification in the region when it was submitted back in September 2009, but Valve later removed decapitation and limb dismemberment from the popular zombie apocalypse shooter, resubmitted it and secured a release.

"No need to flood us with emails," Faliszek wrote on the Steam forums. "We have been exploring the options here and what we can legally do. We will have more information on this when we understand the issues fully and how we are moving forward but don't worry any cost associated with it doesn't worry us, this is something we want to do."

This re-submission follows Warner Bros. attempts to get the Classification Board to approve a release of Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition in Australia under the R18+ rating. Its first attempts to get the game released in the region were met with a ban. Earlier in the month Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge for the Wii U was the first game to officially receive an R18+ rating.

Source: GameSpot by way of Cheater87


Re: Valve Exploring the Possibility of Securing an R18+ ...

*Turns away from destroying a zombie's head in Dead Island to read this article...*


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