PSA: Valve Officially Launches Steam Guides

Valve has officially launched a Guides tab in its community hub, allowing players to get some much needed hints, tips, and tricks from fellow gamers. The new tab allows the Steam community to share helpful guides for their favorite games using text, video, and screenshots.

While there are already 1215 Steam Guides that have been published as of this writing, there are also a fair share of complaints on the un-moderated nature of the section. Some users are complaining that, because no one is moderating the guides, people can post whatever dumb stuff they want in the guides section.

Still, there are plenty of decent contributions for various games, like this awesome beginner's guide to Torchlight II. There's also some handy sidebar checkboxes that allow you to pinpoint different kinds of information you might be looking for – like information on how to get one of those more elusive Steam achievements…

You can check out the guides here.

Hopefully guide writers that spend all their energy at the most popular guide sites like GameFaqs will consider sharing their work with the Steam Community as well…

Source: Eurogamer

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