Second Annual Boston Festival of Indie Games Dated

January 18, 2013 -

The organizers of the Boston Festival of Indie Games have announced that September 14 will be the magical date for this year's event to be held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus in Cambridge, Ma. The event, which is free and open to the general public, is a celebration of the very best indie games. The second annual event is presented and facilitated by MIT Game Lab and Boston Indies.

"The MIT Game Lab is the perfect partner for an event like Boston Festival of Indie Games, with both organizations’ shared dedication to game development and the New England games community" said Rik Eberhardt, studio manager at MIT Game Lab and Boston Festival of Indie Games co-producer. "All of us at the MIT Game Lab are pumped to continue to be the location and promotional partner for Boston Festival of Indie Games in 2013 and beyond."

"We are very much looking forward to bringing the same level of quality programming, games and sponsors to our 2013 event," added Caroline Murphy, community manager for Boston Indies and Boston Festival of Games co-producer. "Adding to the stellar line-up of activities that took place in 2012, we are planning to make a number of improvements in 2013 including a bigger space to accommodate for thousands of fans and attendees, music performances, panels and more!"

Games to be showcased at this year's event will be announced in late February. Last year 35 indie games were highlighted by the one-day event, much to the delight of attendees.

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Editor's Note: Yesterday we published a story that the Indie Game Festival of Boston had announced the 35 titles that would be showcased at this year's event. It turns out that the list we presented was from last year. When the organizers of the event do release the list of games to be showcased at its 2013 event, we will post them here. We apologize for the error and for any confusion it may have caused our readers.

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