Gas Powered Games Hit By Layoffs, Company’s Future Relies Heavily on Wildman Kickstarter Success

After multiple reports from various sources revealed that a majority of the staff at Gas Powered Games had been laid off, Chris Taylor took to the Internet to comment. Apparently Taylor and a few employees are the only ones left at the studio behind such titles as the Dungeon Siege series, Demigod, and Supreme Commander. Recently Taylor and company launched a Kickstarter for a new game called Wildman but concerns over its early performance cause Gas Powered Games, who is short on cash, to lay off its staff.

Speaking to Kotaku Taylor offered the following comment:

"We do have a layoff, and we'll be updating our Kickstarter as well with details as well very soon. I'm way behind, so many wonderful people to talk to and share stories with, so it just takes time. It's actually been a fairly positive experience, because I run a very open company and everyone knows what's going on."

Speaking to Gamasutra Taylor said that GPG is still running, though at a diminished capacity, obviously:

"The studio is still operating, but we had to slim WAY down to conserve cash reserves."

Speaking to Joystiq Taylor said 40 employees had been laid off but the decision to do so was not sudden and it allowed the company to pay severance and remaining paid time-off.

Finally Taylor took to the Wildman Kickstarter to let everyone know what was going on and how important the Kickstarter for this game is to the future of Gas Powered Games. In an emotional video Taylor explains how important the Wildman is to Gas Power Games and its employees. Finally he asks those that have invested in the Kickstarter if GPG should continue the funding drive or give up:

"Do we kill the campaign, or do we keep it going? It's up to you."

As of this writing the Wildman Kickstarter has generated $209,046 of its $1.1 million funding goal from 3,948 backers with 27 more days to go. By our estimates, GPG would need to raise a minimum of $32,999 a day for the campaign to hit its funding goal. Obviously earning more than that on any given day changes the number dramatically. Right now they need roughly $891,000 more in funding.


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