Bungie Shows Kindness to Young Liver Transplant Patient and Halo Fan

This Reddit thread reveals a grand and charitable deed that Bungie did for a very sick little boy in Seattle, as detailed by The Escapist. According to the Reddit thread, Seattle-based Reddit user fiscal_ reached out to Bungie asking them to send something to his five year old son who was in the process of getting a liver transplant. Bungie obliged the family by sending them a variety of special Halo swag including a replica helmet, which was hand-delivered to the boy..Some may read this story about a five-year-old boy playing Halo and wonder why his parents would let him play an "M" rated game. His father explains that part best:

"He doesn't play [Halo] the way you or I would," said his dad, when asked about kids his son's age playing an M rated game. "I'll sit down and play a part of the campaign with him, or mom will join us for our own multiplayer game. He likes the idea of Halo more than playing Halo." He also likes wearing that spiffy shirt, part of the Bungie care package.

The family was grateful to Bungie and everyone else for doing their part in aiding his son's recovery.

"We are fortunate enough to have health insurance that took care of the transplant and all subsequent appointments and medications," said the dad.

He also asked that people who want to help out should donate to the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases.

We wish the young lad all the best and take our collective hats off to Bungie for doing a good deed for its littlest fan.

Source: The Escapist, image via Imgur.

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