Gas Powered Games’ Wildman Kickstarter Inching Towards $280K

Gas Powered Games is on its way to staying alive, as its Kickstarter campaign for its latest game Wildman heads towards the $280,000 mark. Late Friday Chris Taylor posted a video on the Kickstarter page explaining that he had to lay off most of the company's staff and that the only way to save the company and hire those people back could be the Kickstarter campaign for its single and multiplayer action RPG. Since that appeal GPG has raised right around $69,000. The current tally as of this writing is $278,557 of its $1.1million goal from 5,344 backers with 25 more days to go.

On Friday Taylor asked funders if he should suspend the Kickstarter campaign in light of the massive layoffs. The response has been mostly overwhelming in favor of continuing the funding drive for the game.

At its current trajectory the Wildman would have to raise a minimum of roughly $32,857 a day or more for the next 25 days. We will continue to follow this project and let you know how things are shaping up.

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