Two More League of Legends Pro Players Get Banned for Unsavory Behavior

Two more League of Legends professional eSports players have been permanently banned from competition, according to word from Riot Games (by way of Polygon and PC Gamer).

Players Ilyas "enVision" Hartsema of Mousesports and Damien "Linak" Lorthios of Against All Authority will not be allowed to take part in this weekend's League Championship Series Season 3 Qualifier or any other professional tournament events for the remaining 2013 season. These are the second and third pro players to be banned from the game for unsavory behavior: back in December Riot banned Christian "IWillDominate" Rivera from the League of Legends Championship Series for what they called "persistent toxic behavior."

According to the League of Legends Tribunal, Hartsema was reported for unsavory behavior in 29 percent of his total matches. Hartsema has been given 18 punishments and two alternate account bans in the past. Lorthios had complaints for 20 percent of his games. He had seven prior punishments and one alternate account ban.

Sources: Polygon and PC Gamer

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