EA, Maxis, and GlassLab Team Up for SimCityEDU

EA, Maxis and the GlassLab announced an initiative this week to modify the new SimCity game to promote STEM education. EA says that the program is designed to attract students to "high-wage jobs in research, technology and game development." A new website dedicated to educators who want to use SimCity in their classrooms launched at SimCityEDU.org to get things started. EA says that it will serve as an online resource and community for teachers to create and share lesson plans that use the game as a centerpiece.

EA also kicked off the SimCityEDU initiatives in Washington, DC, with a White House meeting and a panel at the US Conference of Mayors with artist John Legend, the MacArthur Foundation, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter and education experts from the White House. The group engaged in a "spirited discussion on the importance of community-centered, connected learning with a focus on public-private partnerships whose goals are to advance STEM education, including EA and GlassLab’s collaborative effort on SimCityEDU."

Find out more at SimCityEDU.org.

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