Fifth Annual Global Game Jam Kicks Off This Friday

Organizers of the Global Game Jam say that this year's event is expected to break previous participation records, with over 300 locations in 60 countries with "tens of thousands of people" planning on participating over the coming weekend in the fifth annual GGJ event. The 48-hour long game creation marathon is taking place January 25−27, 2013 beginning in New Zealand on Friday, Jan 25th at 5pm local time. One the Jam starts other time zones will join in as they hit the 5 P.M. starting point.

Beginning in New Zealand on Friday, Jan 25th at 5pm local time, the jam will work its way around the world beginning at all time zones as they hit 5pm local time. The Global Game Jam will run for 48-hours in each time zone and end with the Hawaii jam at 5pm on Sunday, Jan 27th.

This year's GGJ will also feature keynote addresses from Erin Robinson and Bret Victor. After the keynote(s), local organizers will announce the secret theme to all participants and teams of developers of all skill sets will create thousands of digital and analog games.

This year developers have the option to promote OpenSource OpenWeb games (with support from the Mozilla Foundation), and a call to support "positive social impact amongst designers who want to tackle and solve real-world problems through their creative work," according to GGJ organizers.

To find out more about the 5th annual Global Game Jam, visit

We hope to see some cool and innovative game prototypes when those 48 hours are up!

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