Former THQ Executive Danny Bilson Comments on THQ’s End

Former THQ executive vice president of core games Danny Bilson laments the dismantling and sale of THQ and its various properties and studios. Bilson worked for more than four years at the publisher before being replaced by former Naughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin When asked by Polygon for his reaction to all the news surrounding the auctioning off of THQ's assets, Bilson offered the following:

"I feel for the many talented people who have suddenly lost their jobs — the teams in Agoura [Hills, Calif., THQ's headquarters], the people in the territories and the very creative game makers at Vigil in Austin," he told Polygon. "It's a loss for gamers everywhere when a company that has invested tremendous resource in the art form over the years is suddenly gone. In the end it means less games and less choices for all of us who love to play. If there is a bright spot, it is that the games that were well under way will get the funding they deserve to be completed. The studios and projects that were acquired should yield great experiences for years to come."

Sadly there are still many IP's that have not been accounted for that may or may not be sold at a later date. A subsequent report from Joystiq notes that THQ's back catalog will be put on the block as part of a separate sale.

Source: Polygon

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