Google to Donate 15k Raspberry Pi Computers to UK Schools

Google will donate 15,000 Raspberry Pi computers to various schools in the United Kingdom, reports Develop. The massive donation is part of an initiative to stimulate a new generation of computer scientists in the region. The partnership was announced at Chesterton Community College in Cambridge, where students were given the unique opportunity to get a programming lesson from Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt and Raspberry Pi co-founder Eben Upton.

"We hope that our new partnership with Google will be a significant moment in the development of computing education in the UK,” said Upton. “We believe that this can turn around the year-on-year decline in the numbers and skill sets of students applying to read computer science at university.”

"Britain's innovators and entrepreneurs have changed the world – the telephone, television and computers were all invented here," Schmidt added. "We have been working to encourage the next generation of computer scientists and we hope this donation… to British school pupils will help drive a new wave of innovation."

The partnership between Google and Raspberry Pi also includes educational partners Code Club, Computing at School, Generating Genius and Coderdojo. These and other partners will help teachers and students get the most out of the tiny little Linux-based microcomputer. These partners will help distribute the devices to schools around the country.

Ian Livingstone, Life President at Eidos and a leading voice in computer science education in the UK, said that this is will greatly help against the "Computer Science deficit" in the country.


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