Wildman Kickstarter Stalls With 17 More Days to Go

At its current trajectory, Gas Powered Games' Kickstarter crowd funding campaign for its game Wildman will not be funded if it can't raise around $44,000 a day for the next 17 days. As of this writing the Kickstarter is at $352,827 of its $1.1 million goal. That leaves an outstanding funding deficit of $747,173…

Gas Powered Games founder Chris Taylor has said that this Kickstarter could be the difference between Gas Powered Games continuing as a company or being forced to close its doors. Taylor has already laid off a majority of his staff and now only a handful of employees remain at this point in time. What Taylor has not said is what happens if this Kickstarter fails to meet its funding goal in early February when the campaign ends.

While there's always hope that a last minute surge of support from the gaming community could see this funding campaign cross the finish line, as the days tick down it's tougher to see that happening.

We will continue to watch this Kickstarter campaign in the next few weeks to see what the outcome is and (as fans of Dungeon Siege, Supreme Commander, and Demigod) we hope for the best.


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    Dusk108 says:

    I wouldn't say it's a silly idea, pretty much every game is a silly idea. I think there were a few problems, some Chris Taylors fault some not. For instance from the initial pitch all you know is it's a action RPG with RTS elements, and a cave man setting. No idea how the RTS elements work, or the RPG elements. So problem one was lack of details or communication of details. Last time people saw an action RTS game was Brutal Legend, and honestly the game play wasn't that well done :(. So more detail needed.

    Second, well it's January, people have lots of bills to pay and aren't feeling all that generous, plus theres just a general lack of excitement all around. So bad timing, I wouldn't be surprised to see a slump in successfully funded projects in all categories this time of year. Unfortunately the timing was kinda forced on him due to the canceling of 3 projects, theres a mattchat video on youtube where Mr. Taylor talks about a lot of the business of games, very informative.

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    Left4Dead says:

    This just goes to show that the majority of folks on Kickstarter are there to rally support for individuals and very small teams who want to establish themselves than those who are already established.  If you are already established, getting a loan from a VC or bank will be a more successful approach.

    The lack of response also shows how silly "Wildman" is as a game idea.

    -- Left4Dead --

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    SeanB says:

    Always nice to see someone abuse the word "evolve".

    1.1 million for an action RPG? The purpose of kickstarter isn't to cover your entire dev budget, it's to raise a little funds to "kickstart" your project. 

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    NyuRena says:

    I put in the minimum on this kick starter, because I've enjoyed his games in the past, but I'm starting to wonder if the real talent is currently working on Planetary Annihilation.  (4 copies of that game coming.)

    The thing that semi sold me was the idea of growing the tech through the ages, almost like civilization, but at first glance all I saw was a "caveman" RPG with a silly name. He had better market his ideas more clearly VERY soon.

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    Degraine says:

    I wonder if big gaming projects are going to stall for a while until the public starts seeing some results – personally, I’ve put a fair amount into Planetary Annihilation and Wasteland 2 and I’m a little leery of investing in any more projects before I see a return on my investment.

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