Console Ban Likely to Remain in China

Earlier this week we reported that the Chinese government was considering lifting a 13-year ban on game consoles in the country. While there's plenty of black market devices and software for Chinese consumers, there's no way to legally buy a PS3, Xbox 360, or Nintendo device in the country. The story from a few days ago was based on a China Daily report that quoted an anonymous source inside the Ministry of Culture.

But a new report from The Dongfang Daily casts some doubt on the ban ever being lifted. Speaking to another unnamed Ministry of Culture representative, we find that the Chinese government is not all that keen on doing anything related to game consoles in the region.

"[Ministry representatives] responded [to questions about the China Daily piece] by saying the Ministry of Culture has certainly never researched canceling the game console sales ban, and saying that this [would not be] a decision that could be made solely by the Ministry of Culture."

As we indicated in an earlier report, lifting a ban on consoles in China would require the approval of all seven of the Chinese government ministries that banned the sale of consoles in the country in 2000.

So is the ban going to be lifted anytime soon? For the time being it seems highly unlikely.

Source: Tech in Asia


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