GungHo Group Acquires Grasshopper Manufacture

January 30, 2013 -

Japanese publisher GungHo Group has acquired Lollipop Chainsaw developer Grasshopper Manufacture. The studio was founded by famed Japanese games developer Suda 51 (Goichi Suda), whose work includes No More Heroes and Killer 7. The company is currently working on Killer is Dead. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

GungHo publishes online and mobile game titles such as the popular MMO Ragnarok Online and Dragon Saga.

In a statement on its web site (Japanese), GungHo said that it will merge Grasshopper Manufacture's planning and development strengths with its own skill at operating online titles to create more high quality content.

Source: Develop



Re: GungHo Group Acquires Grasshopper Manufacture

At first I was kinda upset to hear this but if they have the sense to let Grasshopper handle the game part and gung ho do the techy stuff in the background it'll be ok. I justhope Ragnarok i actually good...
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