Ukie Praises Inclusion of Computer Science in UK’s E-Bacc

Ukie, the interactive entertainment trade group in the UK, has issued a statement today praising a move to have computer science accepted as part of the English Baccalaureate in the United Kingdom's educational system. The group called the move a "major win in addressing the skills issues faced by the games industry."

Including computer science in the E-Bacc was one of the major recommendations of the Next Gen report co-authored by Ukie Vice-Chair Ian Livingstone. The E-Bacc requires students to get good GCSE grades in core subjects such as English, Math, various sciences, a humanities and language. With the change, Computer Science will now be included as one of the science options that count towards this measure.

"Getting Computer Science accepted as a subject on the English Baccalaureate could be transformational," said Ian Livingstone CBE, Vice Chair of Ukie and co-chair of Next Gen Skills. "It is a huge victory for the Next Gen Skills campaign and our partners. Computer Science is now officially the 4th science, on a par with the other sciences, and a core subject for children to learn. This will help ensure that this country produces a new generation of digital makers, not just for the games industry, but for all creative and digital industries. The legacy of Alan Turing lives on!"

"This is fantastic news for the games industry," Dr Jo Twist, CEO of Ukie said. "Our Vice Chair Ian Livingstone has worked tirelessly on this and without him spearheading the cross industry Next Gen Skills Campaign, which Ukie members funded, it would never have happened."


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