German Consumer Advocacy Group Files Complaint Against Valve for Steam’s Used Games Resale Policy

The German consumer advocacy group The Federation of German Consumer Association has filed an official complaint against Valve Software for its Steam's end-user license agreement because it does not allow consumers to resell digital content. The European High Court ruled last year that digital content games can be sold. The complaint against Valve filed with the German courts is directly related to that ruling.

Speaking to Cinema Blend, VZBV representative Eva Hoffschulte said: "We have submitted complaint against the company to the district court Berlin."

The group argues in its complaint that consumers should be able to resell any product purchased from the Steam Store, and that Valve's current rules and systems are not in the interest of consumers. The VZBV says that this will harm sustained growth of digital distribution in the long-term because users will be forced to keep their digital content tied to a single digital platform.

It should be noted that Valve's Steam is like every other digital distribution platform that does business in Europe, in that it has not addressed the ramifications of the European High Court's ruling…

Source: Cinema Blend by way of Gamasutra


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