HMV UK Cuts Massive Amount of Work Force

UK Retailer HMV has cut 190 jobs across the board, according to administrator Deloitte. Earlier reports had pegged the layoffs at 60, but the group overseeing the retailer's administration later confirmed the larger number. Most notably HMV’s head of technology and games Ewan Pinder was given a pink slip today. The 60 workers who lost jobs were apparently from HMV's head office in the UK.

"The last two years at HMV have been a blast," he said on Twitter. "Now to the future!! Hope it all works out for the team that remains. First batch now gone and questions being fielded. Clearly very upsetting and unhappy."

MCV also reports that chief financial officer Ian Kenyon has been let go but the games team currently "remains largely intact."

Earlier in the day HMV's official Twitter account posted a number of messages on the subject from someone that was in the process of being fired. Later the messages were removed, but Polygon has an archive of them if you are interested. The tweets were reportedly from a laid off employee at the head office.

Earlier this month HMV Canada parent company Hilco bought out the bank debt of HMV, effectively giving it control and paving the way for a rescue. Obviously that rescue plan involves cutting costs.

Source: MCV


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