Mat Dickie’s Wrestling Revolution Returns to Google Play

Indie developer Mat Dickie announced that his wrestling title for Android, Wrestling Revolution, is back on the Google Play store. In late December Dickie said that WWE somehow compelled Google to pull the game from the store. While he posited that this was done because his game was outperforming WWE's WrestleFest game, there was very little proof to back up that claim.

Nevertheless Dickie's game is back on Google Play with a few caveats. Notably, because the game is a "re-release" the previous stats related to downloads and ratings have been reset. Here's what Dickie had to say about all that on Facebook today:

"The good news is that Wrestling Revolution is back on Google Play. The bad news is that it's a re-release, which means I've lost my ratings and you've lost your purchases. I spent the whole of January fighting for it to be otherwise, but neither WWE nor Google could be reasoned with. And now begins the PR war, where I must do right by the fans who invested in the original game – whilst simultaneously fending off 1-star reviews from conspiracy theorists who think I sabotaged my own game.

I'm slowly getting around to refunding each individual who bought the $5 upgrade at what proved to be an inopportune time. Although it's a bit like the task Santa Claus has on Christmas Eve! By their very definition, subscribers shouldn't have paid for anything they haven't used – so hopefully they can take it into their own hands and cancel if it hasn't already happened automatically. I don't expect anybody who was burned to buy the game again, but at least it's there for you to have a few free matches. Please do review positively if you enjoyed the game in the past or still do. It'll be hard to recreate the success of summer 2012 without your renewed support."

You can find the game here.

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