Mojang Rakes in $240 Million in 2012

According to data from, Mojang generated revenue of nearly $240 million in 2012, with $100 million of that cash coming from license fees. Mojang's only product is the ultra popular Minecraft, though it is available on Xbox Live, PC, and mobile devices (iOS, Android). The information comes from Thomas Arnroth, a Swedish author who is writing a book about Mojang called "A Year With Mojang: Minecraft Behind The Scenes."

Arnroth, who shared the information with GII, says that Mojang made SEK1.5 billion ($237.7m) last year, including SEK640 million ($101.4m) in licensing fees and SEK580 million ($92m) in pre-tax profits. Arnroth also shared excerpts from an interview with Mojang's CEO:

"It's almost hard to grasp," said Mojang CEO Carl Manneh in an interview with Arnroth. "It's easy to become a bit blind working at Mojang. Everything's happening so fast and it's going so well. One almost needs to pinch oneself to know it's for real. When we started Mojang in 2010 we made a budget for the first year. Three months later we just trashed it – it became totally irrelevant. We still have the same feeling now. There simply are no good ways to forecast how much money we are going to make."

"Minecraft is a power of its own now – it's just rolling," he said. "We have so many markets where we are not very strong yet, where many play Minecraft but few have bought it simply because you can't use our online payment solution there. That's something we'll get our hands to during 2013."

While the numbers aren't particularly shocking to anyone who has paid attention to Mojang or its flagship title, it is a milestone that many larger companies wish they could hit and (honestly) probably never will. It will be interesting to see what Mojang is capable of accomplishing in 2013 in new and unexplored markets…

Source: GII


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