Sony Video Drives Speculation on a PS4 Reveal February 20

There's a lot of speculation today that Sony will unveil the PlayStation 4 at an event scheduled for February 20. Yesterday Sony put out a video encouraging viewers to "see the future" at an event it plans to host in New York City at the end of this month. Several publications including The Wall Street Journal and Polygon are saying that "the future" is the PlayStation 4 – citing anonymous sources "familiar with the console." This event will take place right before Sony's Destination PlayStation event, which runs Feb. 25-28.

Those same sources tell Polygon that the system will initially be unveiled at the February 20 event, shown at E3 and released alongside Microsoft's next-gen Xbox system at the end of this year. The publication also says that sources familiar with Microsoft claim that it will hold its own event this spring revealing a variety of form factors and features for its new system.

Interestingly none of the sources say what Sony will show off at the Game Developers Conference, which takes place before E3.

When asked about the PS4, Sony spokesman Masaki Tsukakoshi only offered Reuters this comment:

"We will be talking about the Playstation business."

You can check out the video that sparked all this speculation to your left.

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