CasinoRPG Nears Kickstarter Goal, With One Day to Go Before Deadline

As mentioned by E. Zachary Knight on Episode 39 of the Super Podcast Action Committee, today is the last day to contribute to the Kickstarter for Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-based Goldfire Studios' Vegas-themed MMORPG CasinoRPG.

The developers of the game describe it as "a vast, persistent virtual world that goes far beyond your average casino game" by combining "the best elements of role-playing, tycoon and casino games into an experience never before seen on the web."

Goldfire claims that the game is already well on its way in the development cycle, and is prepared to begin beta testing the game shortly after the conclusion of this Kickstarter.

As of this writing, Goldfire has raised $17,985 of the $20,000 goal has been pledged with 26 more hours to go. If you are interested in contributing to this Kickstarter campaign, check out the project here.


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