GP Poll Results: Those Wicked Little Things That Publishers Do

February 4, 2013 -

As promised, here are the poll results from last week's poll question, "Which Video Game Publisher/Developer Practice Do You Find the Most Irksome?"

Of the 712 people who took part in the poll, 48 percent (339 votes) said that "Always-on DRM for single player modes" was the most egregious crime that publishers commit. Another 22 percent of voters (155 votes) thought that on-disc DLC is a horrific practice. Region locking earned 13 percent (91 votes) of voter hate, while 12 percent (85 votes) thought that having to pay a fee for Online access because you bought a game used was pure evil.

One percent of voters said "other" but only a few of you sent us email, which we read on this week's podcast. Finally five percent of you claimed you were "totally zen" and didn't care about what publishers do.

Andrew Eisen and E. Zachary Knight offer a deeper analysis of the poll and read user emails about it on Episode 39 of the Super Podcast Action Committee (at right around the 15:30 minute mark).



Re: GP Poll Results: Those Wicked Little Things That ...

I voted for always-on DRM, thinking specifically of Diablo III when I did it.  So aggravating having my single player game suffer stutter, lag, glitches, and blackouts because of problems with servers that there is no genuine need to be connected to in the first place.

Re: GP Poll Results: Those Wicked Little Things That ...

Same here. I quit playing and uninstalled Diablo 3 shortly after I experienced an internet lag spike in single player.

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