IGN Sold to Ziff Davis Parent Company

IGN is now owned by Ziff Davis, parent company J2 Global today confirmed with GameSpot. Terms of the deal to buy the IGN assets from News Corp. were not disclosed as of this writing.

Earlier reports suggested J2 Global had inked a deal on IGN, paying "considerably" less than the $650 million News Corp. purchased the company for in 2005. In fact, some have speculated that they paid considerably less than what News Corp was asking for in today's market: $100 million.

IGN and its various assets (IGN.com, Ask Men, Rotten Tomatoes, GameSpy, Vault Network, and a variety of smaller sites) have been up for auction for the last six months.

Ziff Davis used to own 1UP and EGM, before it shut down one and sold the other off to UGO. The publisher currently operates PCMag, ExtremeTech, and GearLog. Interestingly enough, IGN purchased UGO in 2011, which means that 1UP will be returning home with today's deal.

Source: GameSpot


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