Naughty Dog: No Plans to Tone Down the Violence in The Last of Us

Despite the continued push to vilify video games (despite a lack of research, evidence, or common sense in commentary on the subject), the creators of the upcoming video game The Last of Us will not tone down the high levels of violence in this "world gone to hell-in-a-hand-basket" video game. In a recent interview (as reported by the Huffington Post), Neil Druckmann (the creative director for The Last of Us) from Naughty Dog said this his studio has no plans to tone down any of the violence because everything in the game is necessary to tell the story. The Last of Us features a 14-year-old protagonist named Ellie and a middle aged man named Joel who are trying to survive in a world torn apart by worldwide outbreak. The game is admittedly violent but it is also rated "mature" by the ESRB, so it's not meant for young children.

"For us, everything in the game is necessary for the story," said Druckmann in a recent interview. "The reason Ellie is that age and the violence is that brutal is because of what we're saying with the story. You have to buy into the conflict and desperation these characters live under. If you remove any of those elements, the story suffers, and that's why we would never do it."

Critics who have seen footage of the game (from last year's E3) claim that the game glorifies violence – particularly a scene where the protagonists work together to take down an enemy; Ellie stabs the attacker in the back, and later Joes shoots him in the face with a shotgun.

"For someone like Ellie, because this is the only world she's ever known, things we would find horrific and that would probably scar us for life are just everyday occurrences for her," Druckmann added. "She can still, in a way, keep some of her innocence because of that. She pulls the humanity out of Joel, and this is really a coming-of-age story for Ellie."

The PlayStation 3 exclusive survival action game will be released on May 7.

Source: Huffington Post

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  1. 0
    NyuRena says:

    Humans were a peace loving race before video games were invented!

    (I'm sure that copy cats, lead brain damage, income inequality, growing religiosity in some sectors, the divided populous (us vs the sub-humans idea), glorifying ignorance, frustration at our useless and somehow increasingly authoritarian government has NOTHING to do with it.)

    TL:DR Pathetic moral panics producing scapegoats…

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    Thankfully as parents we can choose whether to buy certain games for our children regardless of the ratings. I feel its hypocritical of my generation to blast parents who allow their kids to play M Rated games when we were younger my generation played games like Lunar, Postal, and many other games that had nudity or extreme violence. When I was coming up my generation was big on pushing publishers like Squaresoft to realize the Japanese Version which had less censorship.

    Then all of a sudden when the Hot Coffee thing happened it was like censorship is okay?

    If you do not like it don't buy it but problem is people feel the need to ban everything they do not like.

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