Braid Developer Finds Linux Tools Lacking

Braid developer Jonathan Blow says that he would love to use Linux as the main environment to develop his games, but the tools are horrible to use. Blow says that, while Windows has its own set of problems when it comes to programming, the lack of decent IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) and debuggers availble for Linux is holding the open source platform back.

"The main reason is that debugging is terrible on Linux. gdb is just bad to use, and all these IDEs that try to interface with gdb to 'improve' it do it badly (mainly because gdb itself is not good at being interfaced with)," wrote Blow in a post on Ycombinator (as reported by Develop).

"Someone needs to nuke this site from orbit and build a new debugger from scratch, and provide a library-style API that IDEs can use to inspect executables in rich and subtle ways," Blow continued.

Blow goes on to say that if "the lack of a reasonable debugging environment" slows down his productivity by even five percent that is too much of a cost.

"That said, Windows / Visual Studio is, itself, not particularly great," adds Blow.

Blow adds that he does not like what Microsoft is doing with windows 8, but the cost of switching to Linux is too high:

"I really dislike what Microsoft does, especially what they are doing now with Windows 8. But today, the cost of switching to Linux is too high. I have a lot of things to do with the number of years of life I have remaining, and I can't afford to cut 20% off the number of years in my life."

Blow complains about a number of other things related to Linux like problem with sound using OpenAL.. You can read it all here.

Source: Develop


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