EA Tops Metacritic's 2012 Publisher Rankings

February 6, 2013 -

Entertainment reviews aggregation site Metacritic has published its 2012 publisher rankings, ranking Electronic Arts at the top of the list, followed by Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and Capcom. The rankings use each publisher's game scores to determine the order.

EA was helped by Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Mass Effect; Microsoft came in second with the help of Mark of the Ninja; followed by Sony with Journey; Nintendo with Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii; and Capcom with Okami HD and Dragon's Dogma - both for PS3.

You can check out the full rankings here. The list includes games that sank each publisher's overall score and what Metacritic users thought were the best games.

Thanks to Blue's News for the story.


Re: EA Tops Metacritic's 2012 Publisher Rankings

I guess it's a good thing for them most critics don't call out their bullshit business practices when reviewing their games.  Also, how the hell did Steel Battalion managed a 38 overall?  How the living fuck did OXM give it a 75?!  That game literally did not work.  It was a defective product.

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