GameStop Executive: Blocking Used Game Sales Will Hurt Next-Gen Console Adoption by Consumers

Speaking to Bloomberg GameStop VP of public and investor relations Matt Hodges said that the consumer's desire to purchase a next-generation console will be "significantly diminished" if manufacturers were to block the ability to play used games.

Hodges was responding to an unconfirmed rumor that the next Xbox system might require users to be "always connected" as part of some grand scheme to block used games. The news of the rumor sent the world's largest video game retailer's stock downward by six percent yesterday.

Similar rumors have been floated by anonymous sourced about the next console system from Sony. While publishers and developers have freely complained about the used games market and how it impacts new game sales, console makers have mostly stayed out of the fray…

Source: VG247


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    Neither Sony or Microsoft are going to block used games as long as we have a physical retail counterpart, there are far too many issues invovled for that to happen. This ****ing rumor from 2005 needs to die already.

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    Game prices went down because of the CD format offset the huge costs of ROM chips (in part due to the fees Nintendo charged), which of course left the N64 screwed until Nintendo cut prices and other fees, as we all should know now, that cost has now shifted to the actual production of games.

    In 1995 for Chrono Trigger was $80 when it was released, with given inflation is over $120 today and others that used larger ROM chips were in the same boat, N64 games started at $70 but dropped when Nintendo tried to get their **** together after foolishly cartridges.

    DLC is optional and at the end of the day if $60 is too much then wait a couple months.  As for PC gaming, it shouldn't even be brought up at this point, it's a different market (with an arguably superior platform) with different challenges.


    And I'm sorry but what console launched at $99? And why are we bringing up parents when we all know the average age of a gamer is well into adulthood? No next-gen console is going to be $500 (outside either a bundle or "super mega premium version) let alone $600 this time around.

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    ZippyDSMlee says:

    Yup and its the same thing for game sales if you put it only on the system, unless the console makers pays you a few million units worth in advance to make it console specific…


    But in all the consoles have priced and quality'ed me out of their spectrum.

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    Papa Midnight says:

    "- They have raised the price back to the N64 days. Let's be honest the gaming boom really picked up when prices were 39.99 New and even at 49.99. Sixty bucks per game come on!"

    Pretty much why I got out of Console gaming. Between the prices of aging hardware that a budget laptop can exceed with ease, the fee to play online – and be served with ads to boot, constantly having to buy games for $59.99 (and more) to play. Yeah, I didn't purchase a single console from this generation for a reason.

    By the way, if it's an Activision game, lately, the actual price is closer to $120 for the full game once you get done with the 3 maps per quarterly pack for the next year that cost $15 each.

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    I am going to be passing on the next generation due to the following reasons.

    1) DRM

    – This is a huge issue for me since I do not really own or control the games I buy.

    – Plans from MS and Sony talk about having the content you already bought you need to pay a fee for each content you wish to bring over. For someone who buys all digital this will be a huge issue and deciding factory when upgrading. If I cannot bring the same games I bought over the PSN or Live to the next version it's a no go for me.

    2) Expensive and Exclusive Parts

    – Though the PS3 has always cost a little more than the Xbox or Wii it's all the cheapest. Bottom line I can use my blue, or laptop HDD and install it on my PS3.

    – With the PS Vita it shows Sony wants to control the market by forcing you to buy its own expensive products in which people are not buying it.

    – Xbox and Wii with all the accessories that are almost mandatory that you need to buy it seems everyone is bringing this concept to the next episode.

    3) Arrogance

    – Everyone remembers the horrible PS3 launch? Telling us we should get two full-time jobs to afford the system? That was Sony Japan's thinking and undoing.

    – It seems all the lessons that should have been learned are not being carried over into the next generation.

    – To where Sony started to 'get it' in 2009 they have since turned back around and have gone back into the same mode at the PS3 launch.

    – NGE, and the new PS Store show even though the customers do not like the new stores they are unwilling to change it. In Japan….Sony is to afraid of switching over to the new store.

    4) Too expensive!

    – They have raised the price back to the N64 days. Let's be honest the gaming boom really picked up when prices were 39.99 New and even at 49.99. Sixty bucks per game come on!

    I do not personally buy used games because if I buy a game I like the feel of buying a new game. That's most likely why I stop buying at GameStop since New is Used because the employees brought it home and scratched the crap out of the game! If anything MS and Sony should fear Ouya. Why?

    – Because it's wi-fi

    – Has bluetooth controllers in which you can charge with a USB which you don't you need to buy an expensive third or first party accessory. (Hi Microsoft and Nintendo!)

    – Will have cheap games

    – You will not have to buy to use the Internet you're already paying for on the device (Hi Microsoft!)

    – Parents will have a choice buy the $99 dollar console or the 499-599 consoles. What do you think the average parent will buy?

    – Your getting most of the features that a major console will have except a major graphics card its time the big three lower their prices. It happened in the 90s and helped the industry

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