Ouya Getting Games From Double Fine, Words With Friends Creator

If you are one of the many thousands that backed the Ouya Kickstarter or plan on getting one of the tiny Android based home console systems when it hits retail in June then you should be happy to hear that Double Fine and the Word With Friends co-creator are working on games for it. Speaking at the DICE Summit this week, Ouya founder Julie Uhrman revealed (via GamesIndustry International) that Double Fine will bring The Cave and the Double Fine Adventure game to the console.

She also revealed that Words With Friends creator Paul Bettner is launching a self-funded studio to work on Ouya games called Verse. Uhrman claims that over 450 titles are coming to the console, though when all these games will be released and how many of them are original properties or reworks of Android games was not disclosed.

GamesBeat offers an in-depth interview with Paul Bettner here, if you are interested.

On a related note, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman told Engadget that it plans to offer annual releases of its console system every year, much like Apple does with its various iOS devices. While that might mean beefier hardware, newer features and an updated operating system, Uhrman insists that all the games consumers buy for the system will be backwards compatible. When it comes to games she envisions a system similar to Valve's Steam platform where games are tied to the user, and not to the hardware.

Sources: GamesIndustry International, GamesBeat, Engadget


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