AbleGamers Foundation and Gaming World Wide Announce Partnership

The AbleGamers Foundation announced today that it is joining forces with Gaming World Wide to further its mission of fighting for more accessibility for disabled gamers from game and console makers.

"The AbleGamers Foundation is delighted to be joined by the Gaming World Wide organization in support of gamers with disabilities," said Mark Barlet, President and Founder of the AbleGamers Foundation. "GWW has been instrumental in raising awareness and funds for gamers in need. We believe this partnership will be wonderful for our community, and having strong partners enables us to continue the mission of bringing the joy of video games to those who just need a helping hand."

"Gaming World Wide has vowed to do everything possible to help The AbleGamers Foundation further enable all gamers regardless of their abilities," said Eric Cummings, Founder and CEO of Gaming World Wide. "We believe everyone in the gaming community, industry and beyond needs to hear how the AbleGamers help gamers with disabilities triumph over seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Together, we can change lives."

Their first effort together will be at PAX East in Boston this March, where GGW will provide the AbleGamers Foundation with "hands-on assistance and fundraising support to help further the missions of the AbleGamers Foundation." The group will also help with fundraising campaigns and gaming panels supporting special needs gamers throughout the year.


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