Axl Rose’s Guitar Hero III Lawsuit Dismissed

Former Guns N' Roses front man Axl Rose has lost his 2010 lawsuit against Guitar Hero III maker Activision, reports GameSpot (by way of the The San Marino Tribune). In his original complaint, Rose claimed that the publisher duped him in several ways in order to get the band's popular "Welcome to the Jungle" song into the game. Rose claims that Activision assured him that his former band mate – lead guitarist Slash would not be included in the game or associated with the song in the game. Much to his alleged chagrin, Slash was featured in the game and his likeness was part of the song as players attempted to perform it. Rose also claimed that Activision promised him a band-specific title called Guitar Hero: Guns N' Roses. Obviously that never happened.

This apparently infuriated Rose who has been in a lengthy dispute with Slash after the band broke up. But a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has dismissed the remains of former Guns N' Roses singer's case, putting the three-year court battle with Activision to rest…

Source: The San Marino Tribune by way of GameSpot

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