GamePolitics Poll Results: Should Violent Video Games Be Allowed in Public Libraries?

Last week we asked our readers the following question: "Should public libraries allow patrons to play violent video games on its computers?" Thanks to all 389 of you that voted in the poll. Of those 389 votes, 45 percent (or 176 votes) of you said "yes," video games should be allowed in public libraries, while 41 percent (or 160 votes) said that no video games should be allowed in public libraries at all. While the majority of voters said "yes" or chose the more extreme option, 14 percent of voters (53 votes) said "no" to allowing violent video games in public libraries.

Ultimately it seems that the nays have it if you combine the "no" votes with those who say video games should not be allowed in public libraries at all.

In my opinion, libraries are traditionally where people (at least they used to) who do not have access to material go to find it – including access to books and computers that offer Internet access. One option that libraries could employ is offering console games to card holders much like most libraries do with DVD's…

Anyway, thanks to everyone who voted in last week's poll. For some further analysis on the poll and for some of your feedback, check out Super Podcast Action Committee Episode 40.


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