Ubisoft Delays Rayman Legends For the Good of All Gamers

Look! It's a new video with Andrew Eisen complaining about something. There's no keeping this guy satisfied! Not only is he upset with the delay of Rayman Legends for all platforms (hey, wasn't this supposed to be a Wii U exclusive?), but he also wants to make us listen to him complaining about it. I'm sure he uses some kind of rapier wit to describe his current angst against Ubisoft (usually he'd be complaining about U Play or "always on" DRM), but will it make his message palatable enough for us to listen? The jury is still out.

I mean, where does he think he lives, in Shangri-La where every game is delivered on time and all the promises made in previews and on the bullet points of the packaging are accurate? As if.

Anyway check out his video…


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