Wildman Kickstarter Cancelled

February 11, 2013 -

With only four days left to earn the other half of its $1.1 million funding goal, Gas Powered Games boss Chris Taylor decided to end the WildMan Kickstarter Campaign.

"At this point, it makes sense for us to focus our attention on other ways to keep Gas Powered Games running," said Taylor who reportedly had to lay off most of his staff last month. "Unfortunately, we are unable to share any specifics in public. When we have news to share, we will be posting it on our site. If you want status updates, or if you want to continue discussing Wildman and/or this Kickstarter, please consider migrating over to forums.gaspowered.com."

In the Wildman Kickstarter's final video update (watch it here), Taylor says he's been "working in the background to find other ways to keep Gas Powered Games running" and seems optimistic that he'll have good news to share in the near future.

Here's hoping Gas Powered Games comes out on top, hires back its employees and makes great games for us to play.

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen


Re: Wildman Kickstarter Cancelled

While somewhat sad for some, I was not surprised by this outcome.  There have been more than a few kickstarts who have tried to shoot for the moon recently, and it's ususally because of those surprise kickstarts like the DoubleFine kickstart or the Fate RPG kickstart, the later of which only wanted three thousand dollars and ended up with over a million.

The reality of the matter is that trying to raise nearly a million dollars via kickstart without some HUGE fan backing and word of mouth is nearly impossible.  Plain and simple.

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Re: Wildman Kickstarter Cancelled

The core concepts were vague and poorly marketed. I pledged $20 anyway, but that was mainly because I'm a rabid fanboy of Supcom, TA, and dungeon siege.

The game might have had some good points, but no one really knew what they were. =(


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