Indie Developers Propose a ‘Plane Jam’ En Route to GDC

Develop reports that UK-based indie developers Byron Atkinson-Jones and Andrew Roper have a novel way for game developers to pass the time while flying to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in March: create a game! They are challenging themselves and other developers to make a game on their flight to GDC with a special "Plane Jam." The only hard rule is that the game must be created during your flight to GDC.

The idea for the 'Plane Jam' was conceived during a Twitter conversation between Xiotex Studios' Atkinson-Jones and Lazurus Game developer Roper. Now they want other developers to join them

"Plane Jam started when I had to go on a long haul flight to the Canada one year," explains Atkinson-Jones to Develop. "I snore like an asthmatic wart-hog so I always fear falling asleep on the aircraft – seriously, there was some serious debate as to which was louder, me or the engines? Anyway, to stop myself going loopy with boredom while trying to stay awake I decided that on this one flight I would just make a game. It didn't matter what it was as long as I had fun making it. Ever since then whenever I am flying I do a Plane Jam."

"It's great because there's nothing to help focus the mind than constraints and you can't get bigger constraints than being sat on an aircraft with no internet and very limited resources," added Atkinson-Jones. "You will be amazed at just how creative you can be under those circumstances."

To find out more about the Plane Jam, follow Atkinson-Jones (@xiotex) and Andrew Roper (@arndreth) on Twitter.

Source: Develop

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