Poll: Are You Planning On Checking Out the Esquire Network?

A few days ago, we reported that NBC Universal would be re-launching the G4 Network as the Esquire Network and that it would focus on men's culture.  New content will include cooking competition Knife Fight, American Ninja Warrior, Parks and Recreation, Party Down, and travel show The Getaway.

So, my question to you, dear GamePolitics readers: are you going to watch it when it launches on April 22?

Would you have known what the heck the Esquire Network was if I had skipped the opening paragraph and jumped straight to the question?

Let us know if you're going to give this sucker a chance.  How?  I'm so glad you asked.  Vote in the poll and then hit up the comments section and let us know why the network is or is not worth your attention.  Is there something you're looking forward to?  Something that's keeping you away?  We want to know.  Don't leave us in suspense!  We can't sleep when you leave us in suspense and we're already downing way more melatonin than we should.

If comment sections aren't your style, send us an email at SuperPACpodcast@gmail.com.  We'll reveal the poll results and discuss your opinions on next week's podcast.

Ready, set, vote!

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-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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  1. Rezael says:

    Tried watching their E3 coverage a few years ago. Got boring fast, info was much more readily available on the interwebs. I wish them the best, but there's nothing they offer right now to interest me.

  2. hellfire7885 says:

    Except for once a year during E3 coverage, provided they even do it any more, no. It's MTV for gamers. It was once good but gutted itself.

  3. axiomatic says:

    Well Ninja Warrior doesn't really fit and needs to be picked up by another network as its a good show. The ONLY remaining good show they have.

  4. Sam-LibrarIan Witt says:

    I used to love watching Attack of the Show! and Ninja Warrior. Apart from that, there was really nothing on that channel that interested me. They sort of turned out the same way MTV did. They started out with all these fresh new ideas and energy and then quickly started filling time with bad reality TV, excessive numbers of commercials and horrible shows. I'm really going to miss watching Olivia Munn though. I think that's the biggest reason I watched G4 yes

  5. prh99 says:

    The only shows I could stand to watch was X-Play and Sessler's Soap Box, but X-Play has been canceled and Sessler left. So more than likely not.

  6. beemoh says:

    Not living in the US, no.

    Although I'm probably more likely to see their new shows get picked up over here, though, which is a shame.


  7. Thipp says:

    As a life long gamer G4 didn't really have anything worth while to offer me in the first place, why would I want to watch a version of the network that is even less relevant? 

  8. MechaCrash says:

    Tech TV was at least something unique back in the day. When they got bought out, G4 started quickly blandifying it. Now it's going to be the same generic shit I could find by just sitting on my remote and watching whatever channel it lands on.

    I just do not understand these stupid motherfuckers that buy niche channels with dedicated audiences and then decide that they do not like that niche and want broader appeal. If you don't want that small but dedicated audience, don't buy the only fucking channel that caters to them.

  9. Seth Schmitz says:

    Are they going to have actual programming or just Cops reruns? Cause if it does have original content at all, I'd hardly call it a G4 relaunch and just call it a new network.

    I think the last time I actually sat down and watched G4 Code Monkeys was still on the air. And my time as an actual viewer only went into decline after they decided not to renew Code Monkeys.

    It got to the point where, I'd leave G4 on just for white noise. Then I got tired of hearing Cops and Cheaters reruns all the time and started just putting on Stargate SG-1 DVDs when I needed white noise. 

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