Queensland Finally Approves R18+ Classification for Video Games

Kotaku is reporting that Queensland has finally joined other states in Australia in officially approving an R18+ ratings classification for videogames after a false start earlier in the day when a press release was accidently released announcing that the R18+ rating had been approved by the government. All that needs to be done is for the governor of Queensland to sign it for the new ratings to be in force – expect that to take at least another couple of weeks.

What this means is that gamers 18-years-old or older will finally be able to buy games that are rated Mature in other regions. Without this classification games with a Mature rating would be refused classification – effectively being banned for sale.

"The introduction of this classification should be welcome news for parents, who will now have more control over the games their children are playing," said Jarrod Bleijie, Attorney General for Queensland. "I encourage parents to be guided by these classifications, as I’m sure many are unaware of the levels of violence and adult material contained in some computer games."

"This system has worked with films for a long time and it makes sense for computer games to be treated in the same way. At the Standing Council of Attorney’s General last year, it was decided to adopt a national approach for computer game classification."

"By coming into line with the rest of the country, we can prevent the games from being bought interstate and sold illegally in Queensland."

You can read the official notice here.

Source: Kotaku by way of Cheater87

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