Firemint Softens ‘Freemium’ Requirements in Real Racing 3

PocketGamer is reporting that EA-owned studio Firemint has given in to pressure by consumers and removed "freemium features" to its latest game Real Racing 3. Earlier this week developer Firemint announced that the game would be available as part of a soft launch in some territories February 28. Along with that news, the developers announced that the game would be a freemium title, requiring players to pay real-world cash (or pay nothing and wait a certain amount of time) for certain game features such as repairs or upgrades to their vehicles.

Fans reacted angrily to this, and (where the game was available) Firemint quietly patched it to make some changes to the freemium model. The most notable change patched into the game is to repairs – now they happen instantly. The waiting time for car servicing has also been reduced by two thirds.

Ultimately fans showed that they can have an impact on a product if they really set their minds to it… angrily…

Source: MCV

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