Glenn Beck Blames Violent Video Games for Newtown Tragedy

Right Wing Watch (a web site that admittedly doesn't like the principals of conservatism or the people who push its agendas in print, online and on broadcast television) points out in this story that Glenn Beck blames the Sandy Hook School Shooting in Newton, Connecticut entirely on the shooter's consumption of violent video games. Beck made his comments on last night's show which airs on his web site.

"Our sons and daughters are becoming desensitized to right and wrong," Beck said, adding that "video games are a gateway drug for our kids and instead of a high, they get a numbness, they get an indifferent heart and a mind that cannot tell the difference between fiction and reality. This is medical fact, this is not crazy theory."

You can check out the video to your left. All we wonder is if Beck is suggesting that we should curtail First Amendment rights to protect Second Amendment rights, because that goes against everything he has said in the past about constitutional rights…

Source: RWW by way of PHX Corp.


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  1. Imautobot says:

    How many hundreds of millions of violent video games have been made vs. how many killers happen to have played those games.  When you weigh those numbers, I can guarantee you there are no more killers who are gamers than killers who are church goers.

  2. hellfire7885 says:

    Beck would just tell you to look them up yourself, while in his mind praying that would be too much work for you and that you would just take his word for it.

  3. Kal says:

    Man, does Beck actually hold any influence anymore? I know he still has some viewership on his radio show and whatever else held over from his TV audience, but is there anyone who listens to him that actually holds any power? What I'm saying is, does it even matter that he's saying this, or is this only another measure to scare his viewerbase?

  4. Hevach says:

    The sad thing is, he doesn't lower them. Try as he might he can't raise them, but they seem to have held steady forever.

    That's what happens when you exist completely below the crazification factor. That's the percentage of people who in polls will always give the negative answer for the other guy and positive answer for their guy, no matter how ridiculous the answer. The last couple elections, that seemed to be reliably 27% on the conservative side and 19% on the liberal side. If you live in crazyland, you've got a lock in viewership, and almost nothing you do will shake them.

    Coincidentally, 27% viewer share is enough for most shows to go on basically forever while 19% is low enough that the producers will get more nervous each year they fail to increase it – hence why Glenn Beck still gets himself on the air (he's lost shows for offending his bosses or exposing the station to liability, not ratings) but last time anybody saw Kieth Olbermann he was in central park eating doughtuts in a track suit.

  5. NyuRena says:

    Says the guy who does not know reality from fiction. In his case violent video games might actually be a catalyst!

  6. black manta says:

    Remember that he once had JT on his show several years ago, and totally bought into old Jacky's boy's line of BS.  Also keep in mind that Beck is trying to start his own little community that he intends to be cut off from the rest of the outside world.  With all that in mind, I think it's easy to see who's really divorced from reality here.

  7. SeanB says:

    Glenn beck is A character, nothing more. He should be taken seriously no more than Stephen Colbert. When people start treating him that way, he will lose what he has left.

    The big difference of course is that because Stephen is honest, people actually like him.

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