Poll: Are You Excited For the PlayStation 4?

Sony's ass-numbingly long PlayStation 4 blowout is finally over!

So what did you all think?

Are you excited?  Are you cautiously optimistic?  Does your apathy towards Sony's new console know no bounds?

Please vote in our poll then fill the comments section and our inbox (SuperPACpodcast@gmail.com) with your opinions and thoughts on the show.  What are you most excited about?  What are you most concerned about?  Did you watch the entire 2-hour presentation at work?  Does your boss know?

I know you won't be able to sleep at night until you hear what EZK and I have to say about Sony's show so we'll be sure to opine at length about it on next week's podcast.  In the meantime, pop some melatonin and stay away from heavy machinery.

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-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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  1. hellfire7885 says:

    Unlike a good number of people, I won't be writing this console off, I'll wait ,and definitely try one in the store.

  2. Longjocks says:

    They seem to have addressed some of my main gripes from the PS3. My PS3 currently sits there as a vehicle for the exclusive titles it has and what are otherwise multi-disc games on the Xbox. I hardly touch it. Meanwhile my Xbox 360 is my main console. But with MS's shift of focus from game-focused functionality to revenue-making over the years I've a feeling for the next gen it may be the opposite if Sony live up to their claims.

  3. Seth Schmitz says:

    I haven't owned a console in a few years. I doubt anything in the next gen will pull me away from being a PC gamer, honestly. 

  4. Neeneko says:

    My response is pretty 'meh'.  I do not really have any need for all the social features, and over the years have been less and less impressed by graphical improvements (not that they are not pretty, it just doesn't wow me anymore), so as a console this does not really have anything new I care about.

    Now once some game I want requires it, it might be of interest.

  5. ZippyDSMlee says:

    Sadly for me if it dose not have feature rich back wards compatibility its not worth my money, mabye when tis hacked I will try and play a few games.  Otherwise emulators give you a much better experience once they hit 70% game support.

  6. Neo_DrKefka says:

    Again PSP Go all over again. Rebuying or paying a few to play games you already bought.

    Not to mention it seems to be features that are catered to a small minority of gamers rather then the casual. I think this certifies that ill be skipping this system

    OH as I figured they based the UI ON THE CRAPPY NEW PS STORE

  7. Kyle Bue says:

    I'm pretty intrigued. I'm not necessarily impressed, but interested nonetheless. All of those social features seem pretty nifty, if you are into that stuff. Being able to record your game footage directly on the console is quite a huge thing since gamers won't have to spend hundreds of dollars to get an HD recording device as well as even more money if they don't have a decent PC able to render all of that footage while recording and editing if need be.

    As far as graphics go, I wasn't really impressed. Sure, the games shown did look better than what's out right now, but everybody was talking about how the next gen is going to have this huge leap in graphics power. However, that is not what I saw. Of course, as time goes on and developers get more acquainted with the tech inside, games will look better and better eventually.

    We still have E3 though, so they should be able to impress me there!

  8. locopuyo says:

    I watched the whole presentation. 

    The only big thing that stuck out was the built in streaming features.  Those are pretty cool.  I'm skeptical how well it will work though.  I'm guessing it will hinder performance at least a little bit.  

  9. SeanB says:

    There are lots of websites that track every claim and promise the politicians make, then report as those things begin to break down. Gamepolitics should start making lists of all the promises that Sony gives about the ps4, then hold them to them.

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