PSA: Sony PlayStation 2013 Event Tonight

Tonight is the night that Sony will make some sort of announcement about the future of the PlayStation brand. Some speculate that it will be more details on their next system, commonly referred to as the "PS4." Hopefully there will be some other surprises like game announcements, new features for the technology they already have on the market now and – with any luck – a price cut to the North American and European versions of the PS Vita hand-held – which currently cost as much as a brand new PS3.

Whatever they announce, there are several locations to watch it from, but the official place to see it provided by Sony is over at the PlayStation Blog. The event will be broadcast live over the Internet at that location at around 6 PM ET. We'll have a recap of it all later on in the evening, barring any technical difficulties.

Update: you can also watch it on

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    Since 2009 when Sony Japan decided to allow the NA branch to handle all things playstation they ended up winning me over and I’ve bought and saved money going playstation.

    Sadly with the leaks of the PS4, PS Vita and Sony suing Kevin Butler oh I almost forgot the new horrible ps store I think I might forgo the next generation of consoles and just invest in a Ouya

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