Report: Mobile Game Puzzle & Dragons Earned $2 Million a Day in January

Free-to-play mobile game Puzzle & Dragons from Japanese developer and publisher GungHo Online Entertainment supposedly generated around $65 million during January – or about $2 million dollars a day. These startling sales figures come from data collected by Japanese industry consultant Serkan Toto, who reports that the puzzle and RPG hybrid title has generated around $65 million in sales on iOS and Android in Japan last month.

The game has been available on iOS devices since February 2012, and on Android since September 2012. The game released in the US and Europe in November. The game's success is tied to the Japanese market where it has dominated the Apple App Store and Google Play charts for quite some time.

The figures for Puzzle & Dragons are estimated from GungHo's own financial report which stated the company had made $92 million in sales during January 2013, up more than 1,000 percent from the previous year. Total sales for Gung Ho Online throughout 2012 grew 169 percent to $280 million year-on-year, with profits also rising by 690 percent to almost $100 million.

Pretty incredible.

Source: Develop


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