Video Game Industry Veteran Reflects on the History of Video Game Violence

If you want a real opinion on violent video game content, then William Volk is probably someone to ask. He has been in the video games industry since 1979 and he has seen his fair share of games that pushed the envelope and got the attention of people that normally don't pay attention to such cultural phenomenon – like politicians and parent's groups. The video to your left features the current CEO of PlayScreen talking about the games he remembers that raised the ire of the political class because they were the first to offer real violent content: Berserk and a game based on the David Carridine cult classic film Death Race 2000.

Check the video out to your left. Volk sums up the idea that video games influence behavior by noting:

"If people were influenced by video games, a majority of Facebook users would be farmers by now."

Funny stuff.

Source: [A]ListDaily

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