Report: Police Looking Into Video Game Habits of Sandy Hook Elementary Shooter

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund points out a new two-part report produced by the Hartford Courant and PBS that reveals how video games continue to be part of the ongoing narrative of the police investigation into the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting that occurred in Newtown Connecticut in December of last year.

The report reveals that police are investigating whether the shooter Adam Lanza "might have been emulating the shooting range or a video-game scenario" when he carried out the Sandy Hook attack. Police apparently found "thousands of dollars worth of video games" in Lanza's home. Police are not discussing the case publicly.

The two part report also details Adam Lanza's problems with mental illness over the years, his family life prior to the shooting, and his use of guns while practice shooting with his mom and brother. The Courant article also quotes Richard Novia, a former Newtown schools security chief and adviser for the Tech Club, of which Lanza was a member. Novia says that Lanza was particularly fond of playing World of Warcraft, which he categorized to The Courant as a "violent video game."

You can watch the two-part report here. We'll have more on this story as it develops.

Source: CBLDF


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    black manta says:

    I saw the Frontline report that this was based off of.  It's significant that while Novia said that while Lanza did play WoW and other violent video games, when asked, he said lots of the other students played violent video games as well.  That's pretty telling right there that video games were not – and should not – be even part of this discussion, seeing as they're so prevalent and so many others played them without any significant problems.  It's similar to what Cheryl Olsson said when she says the whole 13-year-old soccer team plays violent video games.

    It's pretty clear having seen that piece that Adam Lanza suffered from some very significant mental problems; ones that stumped even the therapists and psychologists he was seeing.  Nancy Lanza's constant transferring of schools, moving from one location to another, and pulling him out of social situations that might have helped to ground him did not help.  And it's becoming clear that she didn't have a very good understanding of how deep his mental problems were.  As the reporters said, she was either ignorant or in denial.   Obsession with violent video games were the least of his problems.  If anything they were a symptom, not a cause.

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    Neeneko says:

    They have been looking into a number of things the whole time.  These reports are (I believe) based off an unnamed 'police' source talking off the record.  There have been no official statements along these lines.

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    Revvan55 says:

    How is it that after 2 months of this tragedy taking place, and everyone pointing fingers at the video game community, that police are just now investigating the possibility of this lunatic playing games?

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    Sleaker says:

    It actually doesn't matter if he was trying to recreate something he saw on a videogame or not.  Just because he was exposed to a violent setting doesn't mean the violent media he watched, or interacted with is at fault.  Medium, circumstance, and upbringing do not excuse the very real and PERSONAL choice that he made.  Even if he was influenced by these messages in any way, it doesn't put them at fault.  Apparently people would rather find something inanimate to blame, rather than believing that a person would be messed up enough to actually take someone elses life.


    He wore clothes everyday, had thousands of dollars worth of clothes, saw clothes advertising everywhere.  He must have been driven to do it because of the clothes huh?!

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    Wymorence says:

    Yes, I'm absolutely sure a game where you either click a button labeled "Shoot" or click a hotkey drove him to a mass shooting… Well, if he played on a server back in the ol' days when you had a queue to join I could possibly see someone going postal, but last I saw (around a year ago) it wasn't nearly as bad as it once was.

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