Sony: PSN Titles Will Not Be Playable on PS4

Engadget is reporting that the new PlayStation 4 console from Sony will not allow you to transfer all of those PlayStation Network games you might have purchased on the PS3. Sony admitted last night that current-generation PSN titles won't be playable on the system because architecture of the Power-PC-based PS3 and x86-64 based AMD processor powering the PlayStation 4 are so different.

Sony added that it plans to offer server-side and cloud services for a wider library of older games, but said that's a long term goal.

This news follows news from last night that the PS4 will not be able to play PS One, PS2, and PS3 titles because it has abandoned the Cell processor in favor of an x86-64-based processor.

Source: Engadget – thanks EZK for the tip.

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