Nevada Legalizes Online Gambling

Online Gambling is now legal in Nevada, according to GamesBeat. Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) signed legislation this week that legalized online gambling inside the state of Nevada. Both houses of the Nevada legislature passed the bill as an emergency measure so they could quickly get it passed and enact it before other states – like New Jersey – to reap the early benefits of companies eager to start taking advantage of the new law online.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie (R) vetoed that state's online gambling bill Feb. 7, but he said he was planning on signing an amended bill next week. While there's probably plenty of money to be made by companies like Zynga (who are already offering real-world money gambling products online in other countries like the UK), it never hurts to be first.

Zynga is keen to tap into the online gambling market because it is a $35 billion worldwide business, according to Morgan Stanley. Of course that is a mere fraction of the $390.5 billion real-money gambling casino business.

The new law allows Nevada to authorize cross-state gambling with other states that offer Internet poker.

Source: GamesBeat


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