Ubisoft Wants to Improve its Relationship with PC Gamers

In an interview with MCV Ubisoft’s worldwide Uplay director Stephanie Perotti acknowledges that the company doesn't have the best relationship with the PC gaming community because of past issues (namely its strong support for "always on DRM" in several of its major PC titles), but that the company is listening to the feedback and reacting accordingly – most notably getting rid of its much-hated DRM-scheme.

Now the company is offering third-party titles on its Uplay platform from the likes of EA, Warner Bros, Telltale, Bohemia, and others. All told it is offering around 30 non-Ubisoft games through Uplay.

"Announcing all these partners for Uplay and a wider choice of PC games, it shows our commitment to PC, and we want to improve our relationship with the PC community," she told MCV. "We are always seeking to improve. We took a lot of that feedback on board. With every game on PC we are improving. Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed III on PC were very high quality."

More titles will be announced in the coming weeks. Ubisoft is also working on creating game cards for the service as well to be used with free-to-play titles and to make game purchases.

As for muscling into the digital distribution platform space already dominated by Steam and lesser players like Desura, GamersGate, (digital distribution services owned by GameFly and GameStop), and even Good Old Games, Ubisoft thinks that there's always room for more:

"I don’t think you can have too much choice," said Perotti. "It is just another way to expose more content. At Uplay we are also offering all Ubisoft titles, more console content and elements that gamers are more interested in. It’s about offering more options and more choice."

You can read the entire interview here.

Source: MCV


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    MechaCrash says:

    They can apologize all they want for pissing on our leg and telling us it's raining, but as long as they have a beer in one hand and their dick in the other, I'm not going to buy it.

  2. 0
    axiomatic says:
    • Don't treat your customers as pirates! PC gamers buy a lot of software.
    • No DRM or at least tolerable DRM (see Steam.)
    • In game options like graphics, sound, and keyboard shortcuts. We paid for the good hardware, so let us configure our gear to their optimal settings.
    • Console ports suck! (see option 3)
    • Dump UPlay as you aren't going to beat Steam if your aren't even beating Origin.
  3. 0
    GrimCW says:

    Then they need to fire the asshole (can't recall which one ATM) that said "95% of PC Gamers are pirates" and "Why make a PC version of a game when we could just as easily port them with 12 devs and 3 months?"

    Those 2 points there destroyed their credibility big time.

    Though they have gotten better (after being slammed for said comments)  Though I've never heard of anything toward the jackass that actually laid out the insults.

    I'm actually kind of impressed by the support they had given, Just prior to Ghost Recon Future Soldier, through its active support and life (for as short as it was), they were really slandering the hell out of the PC platform.

    Wonder why the sudden turn around.. couldn't be they realized the PC plat is a more profitable side than they thought? Or that many of their console players happen to also be PC players perhaps? Not sure, but they just got humbled it seems :)

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    NyuRena says:

    I almost didn't get farcry3 because of Uplay, but the gameplay won me over. I almost never got dropped and the phone app is a cute way to generate multiplayer XP.

    One of the side issues with the always online nature of so many games is that if you want to play them again in 5-10 years, you can probably just go F yourself, because the servers will not be online anymore. =(

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