Poll Results: Are You Excited For the PlayStation 4?

Last week we asked you to categorize your level of excitement for the PlayStation 4 – prior to all the details coming out of Sony's two-hour long press event. Exactly 504 votes were cast, with those of you looking for more information being beat out slightly by those who didn't seem to be interested in what Sony has planned with its next-generation console.

At least 18 percent (92 votes) said "Heck yeah!" to the prospect of hearing more about the PlayStation 4, while 40 percent (201 votes) of you said that "I’m intrigued but Sony needs to show me more." But 42 percent of the vote (211 votes) said that they "couldn’t care less."

Thanks to everyone who voted in last week's poll. It is highly likely that those who had a chance to take in all the information on the new PlayStation console still feel like "the jury is out." At least Sony said that they would not require PS4 users to have an "always on" connection and that it had no plans to block used games. On the other hand, Sony revealed that the PS4 won't be able to play PS3 games or even the PS3 games you might have purchased in the PlayStation Store…


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