Report: Six Strikes Copyright Enforcement Scheme Going Live Today

According to DSL Reports, the "six strikes" copyright enforcement scheme agreed upon by rights holders in the music and movie industry and various internet service providers will go into effect today. The anti-piracy enforcement efforts facilitated by the Center for Copyright Information and ISP's will warn internet users when they are accused of infringement with notices and redirection to educational materials on copyright infringement laws. While some ISPs will mostly give users warnings and direct them to the aforementioned materials, the way six strikes will be handled differs from company to company.

For example Verizon will throttle the connections of repeat offenders, while Time Warner Cable will briefly block Internet access until the accused user reads "educational" material from the entertainment industry. The problem with the Six Strikes scheme is that it relies heavily on IP addresses as a way to identify offenders and it assumes the person accused of copyright infringement is guilty. For example, if you want to fight against the accusation of infringement, that pleasure will cost you a $35 fee in some cases.

DSL Reports says that some sources it has spoken to doubt that this scheme will really curb online piracy and that some companies are bracing for an avalanche of negative press from the enforcement scheme.

Source: DSL Reports


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